Library Membership, Rules & Regulations

    1. On entry into the Library Students should enter their information in the Library software.
    2. Library Hours: The Library will kept open during the academic terms from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm.
    3. A borrower’s card & Identity card will be issued to all the bonofied students of college. Books will be issued for a period of fifteen days. Certain categories of materials are not issued outside the library. These include the textbooks with less than two copies, rare books, reference books and periodicals.
    4. Borrower’s card is not transferable; students are responsible for the books issued against the lost borrower’s card.
    5. Books kept by the readers beyond the specified duration, extract a fine of Rs.5 per book per day.
    6. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical conditions of books before borrowing.
    7. Readers shall not write in or mark or otherwise disfigure/ damage books, furniture etc., In case of such damage, three times cost of the article shall be paid by the users or the article shall be replaced by the user.
    8. Borrowers should not be lend the books to others.
    9. Books for reference in the library will be issued on the presentation of Reference card (BT). The reference card will be returned when the book taken for reference is returned.
    10. Books issued for reference in the Library must be returned before leaving the library.
    11. If the book issued for reference is not returned to the issue counter before leaving the library an overdue charge of 5=00 rupees per volume per day shall be levied. 
    12. If any student loses his or her Identity Card, a fee of Fifty Rupees will be charged for the issue of a duplicate Identity card.
    13. If any student loses his or her Borrower’s ticket, a fee of 25 Rupees will be charged for the issue of a duplicate Borrower’s ticket.
    14. Recent News Papers, Periodicals and magazines will not be issued for home reading.
    15. Dictionaries, Reference and Rare Books should be referred in the library only; they will not be allowed to be taken out- side the library.
    16. At the end of the academic year on [after the examinations] whichever is earlier, student is required to return all the books